The Swiss city of Lausanne has become the epicentre of the discussion on tax transparency in Europe during the “IFA European Region Conference 2024”. The International Fiscal Association (IFA), founded in 1938, is a leading international organisation dealing with international tax matters, as well as the financial and economic aspects of taxation.

The conference brought together tax experts, academics and legal professionals to discuss the latest trends and challenges in tax transparency. Our partner, Andreu Bové, attended this conference on behalf of the firm to learn about the latest developments at the European level.

Attendees participated in panel discussions and interactive sessions on key topics such as international cooperation in tax matters, the fight against tax evasion and the implementation of fair and efficient tax policies. The intervention of recognised global experts was one of the highlights, where knowledge and experiences were shared on how to improve tax transparency through effective practices and policies.

The conference was not only a platform for knowledge exchange, but also a space for reflection on the future of tax transparency in Europe. This event stood out for promoting a new approach to tax transparency and cooperation at the international level, thus contributing significantly to the creation of a fairer and more equitable tax system.