José Maria Bové

Barcelona once again hosted the conference of the Cercle d’Economia (Private entity of Catalan businessmen), which brought together political, business, and academic leaders from 22 to 24 May. Themed “The world on trial. Strategies to boost productivity and well-being in times of change”, the meeting focused not only on the international context and the current situation in Europe with the European Parliament elections, but also on the importance of boosting the economy. The topic was approached from a very broad perspective, touching on education, technology, administrative simplification and the challenges faced by family businesses.


José María Bové (President and Founder) and María Luisa Ramírez (Partner) represented the firm at such an important event. It was also attended by the President of the Government, the Leader of the Opposition, the King, and many other personalities from the political, economic and social world of Spain.


The Cercle has once again turned its annual meeting into an economic and political summit.