On 19 February, the Ateneu Barcelonès became a gateway to the mind and work of Stefan Zweig, one of the most widely read German-language authors in the world. The exhibition “Stefan Zweig, Universal Author”, organised by the Austrian Cultural Forum, plunged us into the life and legacy of this tireless writer, an indefatigable traveller who captured the richness and complexity of humanity in his works.

Andreu Bové (Partner), representing the firm, attended the opening of the exhibition, an event that highlights the fascination that Zweig has for Catalan readers. Thanks to the editorial work of Quaderns Crema and Acantilado, his literary universe has been revived in our language, allowing us to connect with the depth of his characters and the beauty of his settings.

The exhibition takes us on a fascinating journey. Through manuscripts, photographs, letters and other documents, we can follow in Zweig’s footsteps through the cities that shaped his life: Vienna, Salzburg, Paris, London, New York and Petropolis. Each stop on this journey reveals a different side of the author: his passion for literature, his commitment to peace, his deep sensitivity to human drama.

But Zweig was not only a physical traveller, he was also an explorer of the human soul. His narrative, characterised by elegant prose and a deep understanding of the human spirit, takes us on a journey through the most intimate emotions: love, loss, loneliness, the search for identity.

Characters such as Fouché, Casanova, Mary Stuart and Erasmus of Rotterdam come to life in his pages, transporting us to different times and places. Zweig invites us to reflect on history, politics, psychology and the great questions that challenge us as individuals.

The exhibition ‘Stefan Zweig – Universal Author’ is a unique opportunity to enter the universe of this exceptional writer. A journey that invites us to discover the richness of his legacy and the validity of his message: a hymn to peace, tolerance and the beauty of literature.