This month, a workshop was held in Madrid to analyse German investment in the Community of Madrid, organised by Invest in Madrid, the office of the Regional Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment to attract foreign investment to the Spanish capital. The meeting took place at the headquarters of the German Chamber of Commerce for Spain, which is also the promoter of the event.

Our partner, Andreu Bové, attended as a guest and, together with other experts, analysed the needs and concerns of German companies in Madrid and discussed how to further strengthen German-Spanish relations.

  • Germany is the fourth largest investor in both Spain and the Community of Madrid, behind the United States, the United Kingdom and France.
  • Madrid receives 47% of German investment in Spain.
  • Of this, 44% goes to the services sector and 54% to the industrial sector.
  • In terms of employment, Germany advances up in the rankings to third place: 61,663 jobs depend on German companies, 26% of the national total.


The main figures entering the Community of Madrid from Germany, one of the strategic countries for the Madrid and Spanish economies, were also shared.