International Women’s Day was celebrated on 8 March, a day that is becoming more and more important every year and on which the role of women in society and their full development as individuals towards equality with men is claimed.

At Bové Montero, female talent has always been one of our main assets and we have been implementing measures for years with the aim of achieving gender equality and diversity in the firm, which currently has a team of 140 professionals. Flexible working hours that allow us to reconcile private and professional life, membership of organisations that promote female leadership and the guarantee of gender equality in staff selection processes and in career plans are examples of some of these initiatives.

The effort and commitment to the cause are shown in the figures that demonstrate the firm’s strong belief in equality. We share the firm’s main milestones in terms of equality, diversity, and inclusion:

– More than half (56.4%) of the talent we have at Bové Montero y Asociados is female.
– The management team is made up of 35 professionals (partners, directors and managers) of which 18 are women.
– We are a diverse and multicultural team made up of professionals of 15 different nationalities and able to advise our clients in 12 languages.

We are proud to share these facts, however, we remain committed to continuing to ensure women’s rights, equality, and diversity in society.