On 24 and 25 November, a conference on “International Taxation” was held in Düsseldorf, organised by HLB Deutschland, the German federation of HLB International, made up of 23 firms with a presence in 30 cities in Germany. This “Deutscher Fachtag” was attended by the main representatives of the firms in the German network, and on this occasion, Bové Montero participated as a guest firm to deliver a presentation on Spanish real estate.


One of the recurring topics among German clients is the taxation of real estate in our country: current taxation, inheritance tax, wealth tax, etc. What should be considered? What acquisition structure is most suitable from a tax point of view?


The tax issues from the Spanish perspective were presented by Petra Schmidt, Director of the Palma de Mallorca office of Bové Montero, and Andreu Bové, Partner at Bové Montero. The German tax consequences were presented by Christian Jahndorf, Partner at HLB Schumacher, and Prof. Dr. Oliver Middendorf, Partner at HLB Stückmann, both experts in the field.


It is always a pleasure for the German Desk team of Bové Montero to collaborate with HLB Deutschland, to share knowledge and to meet the professional colleagues of the German HLB International federation.