More rapid and effective innovation is critical to future growth according to 95% of business leaders. Despite a complex mix of concerns such as economic uncertainty and inflation, access to talent, and the ongoing pandemic, business leaders’ confidence is up by nine percentage points from last year. These are some of the key findings from HLB’s Survey of Business Leaders 2022 – Powering Your Innovation Engine.


To gain insights into the concerns and priorities of business leaders in 2022, HLB surveyed 586 clients and senior executives from 46 countries. The report highlights that although the pandemic has been an exceptionally difficult and challenging period for business, leaders have emerged feeling more confident to challenge the way things get done and energised to grow their businesses through innovation. However, to innovate successfully, business leaders must tackle the challenges of funding, talent, and culture. These areas are explored in detail in the report which also includes guidance for business leaders to help them examine their firms’ approach to innovation in more detail.


  • 54% expect the rate of global economic growth to increase, 30% expects it to stay the same in 2022
  • 61% cite inflation as a concern
  • 86% feel more confident in their ability to innovate as compared with pre-pandemic
  • 69% agree or strongly agree that market disruption motivates you to innovate


A copy of the full report can be found at www.hlb.global/surveyofbusinessleaders


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