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Bové Montero, AURA, and DINCAT promote inclusion this St George’s Day


For the third year in a row, Bové Montero is collaborating with Fundación AURA on St George’s Day. The aim of this organisation is to help people with learning disabilities have a decent quality of life and work. We are joined in this charitable initiative by DINCAT, an entity representing those with learning disabilities in Catalonia. Its manifesto highlights the vulnerable situation lived by this group of society, due to difficulties associated with not being able to understand most books and other published material.


Today, 23 April 2021, Bové Montero joins this campaign to promote a more inclusive world and draw attention to the need for “easy-to-read” books and raised awareness within the publishing world. Only 20 easy-to-read books were published in Spanish in 2020, forcing people with learning disabilities of all ages to resort to reading children’s books.


The message we want to spread along with AURA and DINCAT is: This year for Saint George’s Day, we want a world that is easier to understand. #SantJordiInclusivo


Happy St George’s Day! Feliç Sant Jordi! ¡Feliz Sant Jordi!