compass def

COMPASS stands for efficiency, security, digital archive and automation. This is the new tool developed by Bové Montero y Asociados that will be setting a new direction in online accounting. The tool allows accounting processes to be automated and simplified one step at a time with the aim of gaining efficiency, reducing bureaucracy and saving costs. COMPASS is designed to help companies with a huge volume of invoices to streamline their internal processes. It also allows them to have a digital archive of their accounting information accessible from anywhere. Using a sophisticated optical recognition system, COMPASS automatically scans a large number of documents, whether on paper or in PDF format, which are stored securely, digitised and certified with the approval of the Spanish Tax Agency AEAT (in case of paper documents). Moreover, the system centralises all accounting data so that the main indicators of the organisation’s financial activity can be displayed on a dashboard. This allows financial managers to monitor the situation of their business in real time.

This project is part of the digitalisation strategy implemented by Bové Montero y Asociados, with the aim of offering its clients automation tools that allow them to be more efficient. Bové Montero offers the possibility of integral accounting with administrative centralisation, from the receipt of invoices directly from suppliers, approval workflow for the client company to their inclusion in its accounting software, even offering – along with a technological partner – the possibility of adapting the tool to the accounting software used by the client. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of investing in new technologies to address the need for rapid and accurate information and increasing control of commercial and financial operations. COMPASS is the key tool for automating accounting processes, detaching processes from human resources and enhancing efficiency and quality.


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