Global mobility after COVID-19

On 8 May, Bové Montero y Asociados organised a webinar in collaboration with the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain. The global crisis caused by COVID-19 has affected all businesses to a greater or lesser extent, and one of the biggest impacts has been the restrictions on employee mobility. Last week, we entered a new phase of the lockdown exit plan, with the aim of reactivating the Spanish production network and economy. To achieve this, businesses must adopt new models in their global mobility processes for employees.

AON and Bové Montero y Asociados have joined forces to explore this issue in detail and consider what global mobility may look like in the medium term. It will also be vital to analyse tax issues related to travel, considering the most important aspects to bear in mind from both the individual and the business point of view.

The speakers were:
Andreu Bové Boyd, Tax Advisor, Bové Montero y Asociados
Javier Flores Pérez, Global Mobility Director, AON

You can watch the full webinar here.