The Association is made up of twenty leading companies in the auditing sector that represent 40% of the turnover of medium-sized firms.

The Plenary of Grupo20 – Forum for Reflection, Debate and Opinion on Auditing – has unanimously approved the incorporation of a new firm to the association: Bové Montero, represented by its partner Josep Serra.

Grupo20 is currently made up of twenty medium-sized firms from the audit sector in Spain, representing ten percent of the total turnover of the Spanish market and forty percent of the turnover of medium-sized firms.

Grupo20 was formed over 25 years ago on the initiative of medium-sized audit firms that decided to create a Forum for Reflection, Debate and Opinion on aspects related to auditing, on their role in society and, in general, on everything that refers to the transparency of economic and financial information.



Founded over 40 years ago, Bové Montero y Asociados operates in the field of auditing, consulting, accounting, tax and labour-law advice. Located in Barcelona, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Seville and Valencia, the firm represents HLB International, a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms across 153 countries combining local expertise and global capabilities. The company serves very diverse clients, most of them foreign companies belonging to major international groups.

Bové Montero has decided to join Grupo20 to participate in the association’s objectives, which are aimed at constantly improving the professional practice of auditors and getting closer to the reality of the business and its needs through relevant and transparent information.


Forum for Reflection, Debate and Opinion on Auditing

Grupo20 is currently made up of: Alexandre Folch (AFP), Joaquín Martín (AUDALIA NEXIA), Noelia Acosta (AUDIAXIS AUDITORS), Lluís E. Guerra (AUDITIA), David Ragel (AUDITSIS), Miguel Ángel Catalán (AUREN), Josep Serra (Bové Montero), Ferran Busquet (BUSQUET ECONOMISTES AUDITORS), Xavier Castellà (CASTELLÀ AUDITORS CONSULTORS), Rafael Redondo (CORTÉS