Our Partner Josep Serra has been appointed as new member of the Register of Accounting Experts of Catalonia (RECC). This organisation was created in 2015 by the Professional Association of Chatered Accountants of Catalonia (CCJCC) and the Association of Economists of Catalonia (CEC) with the objective of disseminating and promoting the figure of Accredited Chartered Accountants, the most prestigious accounting accreditation for professionals and firms.

The main functions of the RECC will be constituted as an entity that accredits the professional members of the CEC and the CCJCC as Chartered Accountants according to the accreditation system of the Chartered Accountants Council for the Association of Economists of Spain.

The Accredited Chartered Accountants will also be made known to the company according to the accreditation system CGE-ICJCE and will ensure that the members of the RECC (CEC-CCJCC) have access to the information and services that, in general, the REC (CGCE-ICJCE) provides to its members.

This will contribute to the improvement of the image of chartered accounting and will increase their presence before the company.

Josep Serra RECC

In the photo: Josep Serra, first on the left